Anonymous: what is matty's snapchat then?

mattythe1975 but he hasn’t used it in ages xx

Anonymous: What is adam's snapchat? Do you know it? Ugh I wish I knew!

only matty has a personal one he gave out xx

Anonymous: Are you a Matty, Ross, Adam or George girl? I love the guys equally because they are all brilliant but physically attractive wise i'm an adam girl. do you know any other adam girls?

BEA!! @basicallythe1975 and I’m kind of completely in love with him too haha and john too what? xxx

brb crying :’)

Anonymous: Is the show for Bastille's concert in Seattle the same as The 1975's? If so, what time did you go? I want to be sure i get first dibs on seats lol

I mean they’re at different venues and bastille I had class pretty late and didn’t get there until about two hours before doors but ended up only two people back from the barrier. I feel like that’s cutting it pretty close but yeah sometimes you can squeeze and wiggle your way closer to the front xxx

Anonymous: Do you have a personal or an Instagram?

my personal blog is here and my instagram is here xxxx

Anonymous: I suffer from depression, but meeting them made me the happiest I've been in a while. It's so weird that meeting a band can have a powerful effect on an individual. Nonetheless, they are total babes so it I guess it makes sense.

aw that’s amazing they have had that effect on you. I understand they help immensely with the day-to-day and long term battles I have with myself too. hold onto that moment forever darling I bet it was the most beautiful thing xxxxx

Anonymous: Do you know any george girls (besides americangirlbritishlove)? Can you link them pls :)

I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I definitely know there’s more out there!! like this if you’re one of them I guess haha xxx

Anonymous: Do you have a least favorite 1975 song? And what's your fav?

I don’t have a least favorite to be honest and my favorites change all the time but fallingforyou and settle down both always really hold a special place in my heart <3 xxxx

Anonymous: any other bands you would recommend similar to 1975? :)

these definitely aren’t all similar per say haha but here’s a list of most of the artists I adore :) 

I find a lot of fans overlap with bastille, the neighbourhood, swim deep, catfish and the bottlemen, the arctic monkeys, the smiths, etc. the 1975 are kind of their own/every genre in a way since every song sounds so different which is awesome cause then fans overlap from everywhere :) xxxx

Anonymous: Matty, George, Adam, and Ross are the most genuine gentlemen who just happen to also be celebrities. They're so humble, which means them so much more attractive. God have a blast when you meet them. It happens so fast and the next day, it's like you're hungover from withdrawal and sadness.

that’s what I’m afraid of haha but bless them for being so fucking incredible and kind. how lucky are we that the boys who make the best music in the world are also the kindest souls you could ever wish to come across. I am so glad you got to experience the show and meet them too I can’t imagine how incredible it must feel to be around such beautiful energy xxxxx

Anonymous: its coming to the end of you and me is that alright?

and how can you complain about life and talk about being bored if you just sit at pete’s house playing video games doing sniff that you can’t afford? xx

Anonymous: What was the first song you heard by The 1975 that made you fall in love with them?

the first song I ever heard was chocolate and how can you not be hooked after that gem haha ;) xxx

Anonymous: is that you in your icon? how many times have you met the 1975?

yeah that’s me! and dan and kyle from bastille :’) I haven’t met the 1975 yet ahhh one more day!!! xxxx